Doom + Diablo = Doomablo

Shooter or RPG?

Doomablo: Shooter or RPG?

Well its certainly been quite awhile since my days playing Doom, and almost as long it feels since I played the game that started me into PC gaming and online play, and still a fav of mine – Diablo.
There was always trash forum talk of ideas of a combination of the two being a great idea… but no-one picked up the slack on it or took it seriously. Until now! Some 15 years later!! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
If Sofware has created โ€˜Doom: Fall of Marsโ€™ – a game based in the Doom Universe mixed with diablo gamplay. Its shooter vs RPG. Its still a concept and in early development but my rare retro-style senses will keep and eye on this classic arcade merger.
You can even try the Doomablo demo here…
Would be great for a free PC arcade play, or if they developed it for the iPod Touch it would be a money-making hit for sure!!


4 Responses to “Doom + Diablo = Doomablo”

  1. Cool! I never played Diablo but Doom was my favourite game for ages after it came out even though my old 386 PC really struggled to play it at a decent resolution.

  2. Hehe, that’s a great mash-up! There’s gotta be some other great mash-ups possible?! ๐Ÿ™‚ A Mario World MMO (WoM?)? Maybe a Diablo side scrolling platformer like the oldskool Castlevania (Diablevania?)? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Ive still got Diablo somewhere blair if u wanna try it out? Its the bomb!
    Yeah more arcade mashups would be cool.
    How about a God of War-style of Mario! Evil Mario hack’n’slash! lmao thats about as mash-fucked as you can get! But id play it!!

  4. roscopct Says:

    I like racing games.

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