OK, we get it?! Hell’s frosty these days! Sheesh!!

Just when you thought things would be returning to normal THIS happens!? The PSP outsells everything and the PS3 and PSP combined are over 50%. Not only that but the Xbox 360 sold about the same numbers as the wii?! What next?? Is the PS2 is gonna outsell them all combined?! 😀


9 Responses to “OK, we get it?! Hell’s frosty these days! Sheesh!!”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    I gather this a purely the Japan stats? Id be more surprised if this was the american stats? It would be a shocker indeed! 😉
    The major shock in the japan stats is whats caused Sony to put the hump into Nintendo all of a sudden? Maybe the little japanese people have decided they want a little more HD hardcore and a little less hello kitty adventures lol 😉

  2. Sony released some good games and they got sales. They thought it was such a good idea they tried it out on PSP and what do you know if worked there too?? It’s surprising because in Japan the Wii has sold DOUBLE the COMBINED sales of PS3 and Xbox 360?! The DS has sold well over double the PSP sales. So in recent weeks we’ve had the Xbox, the PS3 and now the PSP take turns at topping the weekly charts?! I don’t know about the US figures but I’m sure they have their ups and downs too it’s just that for several weeks in a row now Japan has been in topsy turvy land so it’s been making the news. Obviously nothing news worthy has happened State side, just business as usual selling structurally reinforced wii fits to fat arse Americans!! 😀

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Yeah it all depends on games that people wanna play coming out causing the topsy turvy streak of changes.
    But its really just a jap franchise vs another jap franchise race in japan.
    If the PSP/PS3 had sales figures like that over Xbox in the USA figures then it would be more of a shock to me 😉
    Wonder if Microsoft will come out with a portable considering the massive success of the PSP and DS? I hope not because I feel it would just be a huge FAIL, and maybe they know it.

  4. Have you completely missed the continuing theme here 🙂 The story has never been that PS3 has been outselling Xbox or vice versa although that has happened but that’s not news. PS3 and Xbox sell similar’ish numbers all over the world so it’s likely that they will sometimes sell more or less than each other depending on what’s coming out. The news was that Xbox, then PS3 and finally PSP have had their (rare) day in the sun outselling other systems including the Wii and the DS which traditionally sell an order of magnitude more than the other consoles, frequently selling more than all others combined!? That’s all 🙂 The first one I posted was the Xbox outselling Wii remember (and obviously also the PS3)?

  5. phyzznick Says:

    Sigh… I give up. Tunnel – vision.
    I was merely attempting to broaden a possible view on numbers and trend elsewhere but JaPaN?!?!
    The post demonstates an erratic trend, u made ur point clear. Now let me broaden it? please? can i? 😉 or can’t i? is it a closed book discussion? ;-p
    I was attempting to “wonder” (if im allowed to?) if the US had a similar trend or not in the same period? was it a worldwide release or common game causing this particular raise? or was the trend in Japan alone due to a mere japanese only release? ie hello kitty comes to the PSP! Sweet! lol 😉

  6. I was just detecting PS3 vs Xbox console wars creeping in 😉 haha but yeah they were Japanese only trends and all about the other guys dominating Nintendo which is extremely hard to do these days, where ever you are, even just for a week. I only had Japanese figures and the linked articles were all about Japan. Look at the games involved. Star Ocean 4 ie a JRPG helped out the Xbox. Yakuza 3, no western release date as yet, helped the PS3 and Koei’s Shin Sangoku Musou (aka Dynasty Warriors) got the PSP to the top of the pile. So yeah, Japan centric games helped them outsell the massively hugely dominant Nintendo machines in Japan. The race is a lot closer in the States, particularly in the case of Xbox with Wii only selling about 1.5 times more than Xbox (not 8 times more as in Japan) so I don’t think this kind of upset would necessarily be more incredible in the States?! But granted, it still would be pretty insane especially if it happened week after week like it did in Japan. Anyway, it was the first post that was the most amazing with Xbox dominating when they are massive underdogs in Japan. The others were just posted mostly because it was funny that it kept happening again and again, so point taken, if it happened in the US with PS3 or PSP it would be pretty insane. I don’t know if it’s ever happened and google doesn’t know either 🙂 so it’s all just conjecture.

    As for a Microsoft portable, I also wonder, as do a lot of people I’m sure, why Microsoft don’t have a handheld. They’ve got two very successful models that both have their flaws to copy from and easily improve upon. All they need to do is combine the best of both of them and maybe port over all their Xbox live Arcade games and have Solitaire and Minesweeper built/packed in and they’re guaranteed success!? 😀 They have windows mobile and Zune experience which must have taught them a lot about what NOT to do as well 😀 I would think they should make something like a PSP but without the UMB drive, make sure it has TWO analogue sticks and maybe a touch screen (though I don’t think this would be required if you had two analogue sticks, it would be more of a marketing check box) and then put all your usual network connectivity, Xbox live, online store, achievements and voice chat etc etc and you’ve got a complete winner! Without the UMB drive and the touch screen it might also be profitable to make and sell. But maybe they just don’t know what to call it?? The Microsoft GameBox? The BoxBoy? The MSP (Microsoft Portable)?! The XBP (Xbox portable) or XBH (xbox handheld)?? 😀 Hell, make it bright yellow and call it Bob for all I care, I think it could sell very well if it did all of the above and there’s no reason why it couldn’t. They could also offer some sort of XBMC integration?! Why don’t they make this device?? It would kick arse!!!

  7. I also think there is a great opportunity to release the exact handheld you have described guid0! None of the three current leaders have nailed the perfect handheld yet and although they are selling huge numbers they all have their drawbacks. The DS/DSi is too low-tech/low-res. The Touch/iPhone is almost perfect but needs physical buttons/analogue sticks to be a real contender. The PSP comes close to getting it right as well but is hamstrung by the UMB drive, and why did they only put one analogue stick on it?! The technology is available to do the ultimate handheld it just needs someone to tick all the right boxes in their design. It can’t be that hard?!! Microsoft do seem to be in a good position to jump into the fray and I wish they would but maybe they have been put off by the whole Zune thing? Maybe Sony’s rumored PSP2 will have the best chance to nail it? The Pandora looks really interesting but it might be one of those small company developments that will fail to get mainstream momentum. If it takes off (unlikely that it will be able to compete with the big boys) It could be good, as the homebrew community can do some amazing stuff! I’ll definitely keep an eye on it. I don’t care either way who does it as long as they do it right! My appreciation for handheld gaming has really grown since I’ve had the DS and the Touch. I just want someone to release a great new handheld to liven up the market. I am ready to update my DS so I’ll be looking out for news of any handhelds on the horizon 🙂

    More names for a new Microsoft handheld…..ZuneBox, Zbox, Xbox 180 🙂

  8. Hmm, I sense a handheld rumour roundup post in the future 🙂 I think that Sony should have not used UMB and had two analogue sticks on the PSP and it would have been essentially perfect. If they had used some sort of cartridge like DS (they had memory stick tech they could have employed here surely) then they would have nailed it but as it is they have left everyone thinking “maybe next time”!? UMB = unnecessary drain on battery life (not to mention noisy, clunky and fiddly) and single analogue stick = unnecessarily difficult porting of PS2 games?! Sony are weird?!? 😀

  9. phyzznick Says:

    Good points guid0 on the portable 😉
    Im happy w my DS at the mo especially with my cyclo evolution card! This allows me to play free torrent-downloaded games that may not come to NZ or even will be awhile to come. I download newly released USA or EUR games as soon as they come out and they work great, can even download and play JAP games no worries… cept my japanese is pretty rubbish lol
    And I have moonshell homebrew loaded in to the card that allows me to play movies (with an easy convert) and mp3s
    So i turned my DS in a multimedia unit, with free games! lol cant beat that!
    Really I feel sorry for people that have a DS and dont have the card, because it adds so many elements to it (multimedia) that you wonder why they didnt encorparate it in at launch.
    However now that i have upgraded my main console from a Ps2/Wii into the high-def world of the 360 and maybe PS3(in a year), It would take something quite special in order to convince me to continue with the whole portable thing and update from my DS (thats still very mainstream).
    I wouldnt even know what to do if Microsoft came out with a portable. Id be quite hesitant with it and would wanna have a play around with it first, its ability to port PC games would be a huge advantage, and mix with the 360 and PC would be a plus esp if u could switch the save game to the portable and carry on…
    The PSP2 really appeals and will hopefully solve the flaws they had ie UMB, however its older sibling the PSP looks great and has great graphics etc and even to this day i wonder why i went the DS over the PSP (damn those brain training games!!! ;-)). I have heard/read somewhere they have scrapped the UMB for the PSP2, but be interesting to see what else they improve!
    What I would like would be something with SHAPE!! not these old-school bricks that have gone on a Hollywood diet…
    I would like an xbox360 controller …with a screen!! – bloody comfortable, all the controls u need (dual-stick), still small enough (but not anorexic like the way they are going), but bulky enough that they could fit in some really high-def driving grunt into it and long lasting battery-life!
    I honestly dont find the DS/PSP that comfortable to hold. The 360 controller IMO is the comfy-est controller that ive ever held! Why not make the portable a comfy device… its like comparing a compact camera to an SLR camera.. it maybe a bit bulkier but its alot nicer to hold and more powerful to boot!

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