Official Sony Portable IDs now with full Trophy Support!!

Finally the official PSN portable IDs have arrived complete with trophy support!! It displays the latest few games you’ve been playing, your current level, total number of trophies and the breakdown of each type of trophy earned as you can see here in my shiny new Portable ID…

They have about 20 different themes to choose from although this just changes the character and background image on the right. You can choose a favourite game and mood which is a bit weird? I don’t know what this mood business is and it would be cooler if the fave game chosen was the actual game you’ve spent the greatest amount of time playing. The usual stuff such as you PSN name and avatar are also present. So go ahead and log on at the UK website here and get your new PSN portable ID to add to our gamercard page so we can finally see how many trophies everybody has at a glance! Which leads me to the next update which is a vastly improved friends list. I can now see not only the online status but when you were last online and all your trophy information as well…

At last I can see exactly when my flatmates were last using my PS3 :-D

At last I can see exactly when my flatmates were last using my PS3 😀


4 Responses to “Official Sony Portable IDs now with full Trophy Support!!”

  1. roscopct Says:

    Very cool, Wicked that you can see everyone’s trophies and stuff! Gosh, look how many Jen’s got already!

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Looks sweet, will get mine set up in the next few days 😉
    Still confuses me why theres an EU one and a US one, you’d think they’d just make one PSN website to rule them all…

  3. and there’s a Japanese one but I don’t read the lingo so there’s no way I can see what their ones are like 🙂 basically they make everything region specific for some reason. There’s different versions of home for each territory too.

  4. Cool. Done mine. Now I just need more trophies!! lol

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