Special editions – post em if you’ve got em

The last post sparked my interest in special edition consoles. There are lots of places that will “pimp you ride” so to speak, places like the awesome ColorWare, bit I was more interested to know of what official special editions have been released. Here’s several that I found…


There’s the Yakuza 3 white console as seen in the previous post, easily my favourite.


The Wii *ahem* white version also only available in Japan but importable if you’re really keen. PS3’s are NOT region locked although there is the distinction between PAL and NTSC territories but that no longer applies in the Hi Def world where 720p is 720p no matter where you go.


Then there’s the pretty sweet Metal Gear Solid version in gunmetal grey that was only avialable on Konami’s website in strictly limited numbers.


Then there’s the slightly more subtle (than Microsofts) Resident Evil 5 special edition. Maybe a little tooo subtle/boring??


and finally the almost as subtle FF Advent Children Blu-ray re-release edition…


All pretty civilised and subtle, nay a tad dull, with only the Yakuza 3 one stepping out and doing anything major, although saying that, any one of these would fit well into your home cinema setting without drawing too much attention to themselves. Which is where the Xbox comes in and takes over with designs that are much more “fun” but a tad too gaudy to be practical!?

Xbox 360

Most of these Xbox’s would look great in a kids/teenagers room but aren’t really gonna be centre pieces of a home theatre setup. The HALO edition is probably my fave. It’s pretty bad arse but not too subtle!


The RE5 edition (AKA the what were they thinking edition). Neither bad arse nor subtle?!


The Simpsons edition! I actually really like the yellow controller!!


The PS3 *ahem* batman edition 😉 which comes in shiny PS3 *ahem* piano black.


and another shiny black GTA IV edition…


So PS3 special editions are simple and subtle but border on boring in several cases. You can’t call the Xbox’s boring at all, look at them! However they would look out of place anywhere other than a kids / teenagers bedroom.


7 Responses to “Special editions – post em if you’ve got em”

  1. Yep, you’ve summed it up pretty well. The PS3 Yakuza 3 edition kicks ass. The Playstation versions are stylish / practical Xbox one’s are gaudy / fun. The red RE5 version is horrendously bad!! I couldn’t find any more examples. I’m surprised Sony didn’t do a special edition to coincide with the release of Dark Knight on Blu-ray. It would be more justified than the Xbox one. lol 🙂

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Totally Agree.
    PS3 ones more styley but tad boring,
    Xbox ones a bit more out there, fun, but yeah wouldnt have it on my pretty lounge setup, will sub it out to the games room when people come round lol, cept the dark night and GTA ones look like the PS3-shiney black which looks far better/styley than the normal 360 elite black which is just plain plastic looking. And yeah as i said in the other post, the RE5 one is the worst of the all – WTF were they thinking?, cant have had the funding to do decals or anything lol damn cost cutting.

  3. Yeah, why the hell didn’t Sony release a batman PS3 package with the blu-ray version of the film in a bundle?! That’s a missed opportunity?! I mean the PS3 already looks like something Batman would use what with it’s shiny, black exterior. All they had to do is slap the logo on the side and pack in the film on blu-ray?!

  4. roscopct Says:

    I liked the simpsons one too. Why isn’t here more of this? It’s gotta be quite easy to repackage something with a particular logo/style. The Yakuza one is just way past cool!

  5. I think it’s mostly got to do with manufacturing numbers ie if we make a special edition then how many do we make? Also for stores it’s hard to know how many to hold in stock when space is limited. If you’re going to tool up a factory to churn them out you want to make enough to make it worth your while but not so many that they end up sitting in warehouses collecting dust. I think that’s why Apple stopped making iMacs in half a dozen different colours. Shops didn’t know how many of each colour to order and some sold much better than others. So I think these will always be confined to limited special editions for only the very biggest selling title launches or for special competitions and promotions.

    Microsoft tried to answer the need for customisation without having these supply problems by offering custom face plates but these just look like what they are which is a cheesy tack on rather than something fully integrated. In a way it’s a good compromise but definitely falls into the fun but tacky and not stylish category however at least you have the option to add a splash of colour if you want to.

  6. I had forgotten about faceplates. I thought they were a really good idea but I don’t hear much about them now. I suppose that most of them are limited editions and there’s not always a lot out there. I think you can buy plain ones and customize them yourself but I don’t remember seeing any official game ones for sale. The size of them probably makes it unpractical to package them with games?

  7. I have the Halo3 360. Mainly coz Dick Smith had a deal I couldn’t refuse and it gave me HDMI, a quiet DVD drive and the newer chipset. Having said that I like the Simpsons one the most. The green is no-where near as bright as it appears in the photos.

    When (not if) I get a blu-ray player then I might consider a PS3. They’d have to drop price a bit first and I’m disappointed that PS2 support has been dropped from them. The Yakuza one looks real nice.

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