Playfire rule!

cautiously  sticks head out….

playfire now have fully snycranisable psn gamercards

quietly whispers “yay”

quickly scurries back to safety…


pops back up and quickly hi fives himself for breaking the 100 trophy count, slips quietly back into the night

UPDATE: as noted in the comments the new official Sony PSN iDs are imminent so playfire have stopped everything that they were doing in their tracks until Sony release the official IDs. Here’s what they should look like…

A sample of a buzz themed PSN ID

A sample of a buzz themed PSN ID


4 Responses to “Playfire rule!”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Thats awesome! 🙂
    Just trying to sync it now to the playfire page, looks pretty sweet, better than the xbox gamercard. Wish they would change there standard one to a better one like the ones i put on the blog from, so many cool kinds.

    Grats on ya trophies too!
    I doubt ill ever catch up… ill try though… will give u a 1 year headstart lol 😉

  2. GAH!?!? I can’t keep up?!

  3. phyzznick Says:

    Jesus hope theres more to choose from lol buzz? ARGH!?!
    Otherwise ill stick with the blank shiny black one coz it still looks niiiiicee!! 😉
    But yeah if they have a killzone2, burnout etc model or something it would look ACE!! – got good info on it too and nice layout.
    Anything to go by the PSN original and playfire gamercards look better than the xboxlive ones thats for sure.

    If playfire can do it why cant sony? – will they update those original black ones? or they just a temp thing? Or is the buzz styled one the official thing?

  4. It’s weird because the black ones are the US ones and Europe have different ones that let you choose from several different themes. You can see one on our gamercard page. They have 10 themes although the selection is pretty random and it’s also random why the EU ones are so dif from the US ones??! As for why Playfire are so quick to get things done I dunno? But it’s cool that Sony seem to be acknowledging them. Why does microsoft use when I’m sure they could just do the same on the Xbox live page?! Do they not have very good graphic artists?! 🙂

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