Armageddon Expo 2009

Armageddon Expo is on at the end of this month. Info can be found at their somewhat crappy website (click the logo below) which must have been designed in the 1990’s!?!

Tickets now abailable at Ticketek…

Tickets available here

Tickets available here with prices starting from $16 for a one day pass. Let me know if you're keen and I can go into Ticketek and pick tickets up.


4 Responses to “Armageddon Expo 2009”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Yeah dunno why they went for that style, There going to be ataris and sega 1/2’s on show?
    Oooohh probably coz u get to meet Flash Gordon! _Weeeeee!! lol 🙂 So its all old school!
    Wonder how much hardcore shit theres going to be? I LOVE HARDCORE!! YEAH! :-S

  2. roscopct Says:

    Yes, I would’ve picked you as being into Hardcore. 🙂

  3. If you want the HARDCORE I think the erotica expo is on soon?!? :-s 😉

  4. phyzznick Says:

    Cool anyone keen? 🙂

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