PSN Trophies online! About freakin’ time!? :-D

Finally they have announced, for release tomorrow, the ability to view your PSN trophies online! At last! I’m glad I came into the PS3 fold when I did because all the stuff that should have been there at launch is either out now or rolling out and I haven’t had to wait the several years those early adopters have had to!? Sony should give those guys a freakin refund or a free game or something!? 😀 The still don’t have all the expected features like online trophy comparisons with your friends but at least they are moving on this stuff at last!

Here’s what it will look like (click the image to go through to the full article on Kotaku)…

Finally they have the basic ability to view your trophies online!

Finally they have the basic ability to view your trophies online!


8 Responses to “PSN Trophies online! About freakin’ time!? :-D”

  1. roscopct Says:

    That’s good. I know you’ve been screaming for this for ages.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Still no self updating signature gamercard? stink…
    and may have to wait till end of the year for these new “features”? more stink…
    Been a bit slack havent they! Not like Sony really…
    Well at least by time i get one end of year the services should be more upto date and competitive with xboxlive. Good times to come… if you have patience.

  3. Flip?! Mr Negativity strikes again?! 😉 They only just last year introduced trophies!? Since then they’ve added the ability to sign onto using you PSN account, view your friends list, see who’s online and what they’re playing, then the portable ID came (which needs work but I don’t think it’ll be the end of the year before that one happens?) and now the ability to view your trophies online. Also of course they have always had free online play which is a more important feature than all these other niceties? So I don’t know what this “good times to come” is lol. I think most of the good stuff got added last year/early this year?? If you’re referring to the ability to compare and sort your trophies online I can’t say I’m thinking those are the killer features I’m hanging out for the most? 🙂 All I was saying was I’m glad I got in AFTER these things (basically trophies being the most important) were implemented. But that’s not to say I’m not looking forward to trophy sorting and other cool new features! Bring it ON! 😀

    PS no sign of flippin Killzone 2 yet?! 😦

  4. phyzznick Says:

    Should i re-word it a different way so u dont take everything as negative lol it was neither positive nor negative, well wasnt intended to be.
    But if u want my negative rant about this then here we go:
    Read around the forums. Sony should have had something like trophies and all the sign in to playstation PSN, view friends etc etc from launch, they had the time to have got it done, they even got to see it done, how it worked, and see it work well from xboxLIVE… PS3 came out what 1-2yrs after the 360? and the 360 had it all from launch? so its what taken 2yrs at least to get these things done.
    so my only negative issue with them is that it should have been there from launch! and read around most people think soo too. I agree i feel sorry for the people that have bought the ps3 from launch till now, they havent really had many features/services bar games offline and online (which as from what i heard was pretty buggy in alot of games – better now of course).

    And a survey i read online a while back (couldnt find the link, but will search more later) stated that the 3 most over-rated features and services w consoles is WIFI, Online Play, and Blu-ray. They maybe important to u but ur not the general consensus.
    Only 50-60% of xbox owners have gold online play subscription, and who nows how many really actually use it alot! hardcore halo n gears gamers etc
    Ive read around the forums too about this and it was a mixed field between people wanting online play, and paying the price of the ps3 for the online play and bluray, and people that didnt want it and playing the xbox price, knowing they could upgrade to online play if they wanted.
    Seriously how much online game play do you do? compared to offline? not reeeealy an important feature to u is it? its just there as an option. Xboxlive is FREE too it still gives all the game demos and videos and game patches and downloadable content(purchasable and free) , gold sub is just online play basically.

    I agree that they’ve added most of the important features ie trophies namely, but it should have been there from Launch. Sony are usually more onto it, after all I am far more a sony fanboy ahead of a microsoft one, I was disappointed with just these issues as the achievements have basically got me more interested in gaming again.
    As far as games and hardware etc go tho I cant wait to get one :-). Then ill have 2 great machines!

    My 2 cents.

  5. OK I’ll bite again?! 😉

    Flip?! No I don’t want a negative rant yet the negativity spews forth?! 😉 I just announce something that I’m excited about and it gets shot down. Stink he says, not once but twice. Maybe there’s good times to come [but certainly not now] he says. One day, maybe, they’ll be as good as xbox, if you have the patience, he says?! Hmm, not negative at all?? 😉

    I don’t have nor will ever have an Xbox so when these features arrive on MY console I’m gonna get excited about it and hopefully in the future not get shot down and reminded how Microsoft do it better, sooner, faster, newer, shinier etc?! I even poked a bit of fun at Sony myself as I’m fully aware of their shortcomings. I don’t need to read “teh 4rumz” to find that out. I listen to dozens of (mostly multi format) gaming related podcasts every month. I’ve heard all the Sony bashing (too expensive etc), wii bashing (too kiddie etc) and Xbox bashing (red rings of death etc) to know what gamers like and dislike about each system.

    I know you just wish Sony were more onto it but lets face it Microsoft have had decades of networking experience (their IIS server solutions run a large chunk of the internet?!), online community experience and excess billions to throw at the things they don’t have experience with. They had the infrastructure already there to build on long before Xbox arrived on the scene. So PSN isn’t as good as Xbox Live and I don’t think it EVER will be so don’t hold your breath 😉 They’ve gone for a one tier averagely featured free service rather than a feature poor free service and a feature rich premium service strategy.

    As for the usefulness of online play, all I can say is that all my games have online features of some description. I have never been an online gamer as such, it’s all new to me but since it’s there in almost every game and it’s free I will dabble, I have dabbled, even you’ve dabbled. If I had to pay for it I wouldn’t even dabble and I would miss out precisely because I’m NOT one of the hardcore online gamers and therefore wouldn’t throw down any money for it if that’s what it took. As for features like blu-ray and wifi (is it a coincidence the three things they mention are the three major things that differentiate PS3 from Xbox??) people are funny, they will say they don’t need things they don’t have themselves. I did. I didn’t NEED blu-ray but now I have it when I go to the video store I rent the blu-ray version if it’s available. I didn’t NEED online play but now that I have it I use it (maybe only once a week but eventually maybe a lot more, who knows). As for wifi, I personally must have it, I couldn’t care less what others think about that, I couldn’t do without it. It’s not an option in a flat that has 3 laptops, an inkjet printer, 2 iPod touches, 1 airport express, 1 DS, 1 Wii and 1 PS3 all connected using wifi. Wifi is where everything has gone and 802.11g runs at 54mbps which is way faster than the fastest broadband available in New Zealand so there’s no performance hit using wifi for net access and several of those devices can’t connect by any other means. So it’s not optional, it’s essential, but maybe just to me and my flatmates and DS owners and iPod Touch owners and PSP owners?

    Anyway, there’s nice ways to constructively criticise/discuss things and then there’s slamming it and saying stink lots which I would only expect to see on teh 4rumz 😉 still it does make for more interesting discussions!! 🙂 I hope they do get things “more upto date and competitive with xboxlive” by the time you get one cos it’s only going to be a good thing for all concerned. In the meantime apparently I’ll just have to suffer along with my “unfun” version 😉

  6. phyzznick Says:

    Im not the fanboy in this discussion to any side what so ever – ive never been a fanboy of anything – but I should have the freedom to slam, criticise, applaud whoever or whatever I choose….its called freedom of speech and ill live it.

    Please dont get defensive and take it personally because I feel you are. Just because I have an xbox and you have a PS3 doesnt make this a personal rant battle – I feel u think it so? – I wasnt slamming u i was just disappointed sony didnt bring those couple extra things at the same time. Remember Sony does not equal you lol so its not directed at you, nor am I slamming u post.
    I will criticise wherever or whoever because I will compare the issues. U can say something about xbox and ill bring up the negative issues w it. Someone has too? And if u dont, I will.

    Maybe I should write that extra few lines to make it appear more neutral.
    When I said ‘stink’ after those 2 things, I was really meaning (in a nice way) I was hoping they would have done them too and bring them in at the same time (shouldnt have been too hard) – not meaning ‘stink’ they suck and are shithole and fcukn useless.
    When I read my post again thats how I talk in a neutral sense with disappointment. If you want to see me negative ill show you sometime and my language will be ALOT harsher i promise u! 🙂 hehe
    Ill reword it to make it sound more fluffy and ill add more smileys so u know im not in a negative shitty mood. If you saw me and we had this discussion in person I know for fact it would be different. This is why I hate texting because its emotionless and im a very expressive person both in voice, tone and facial expression. 🙂
    Call me names or whatever you like but this is the point of this blog in someways, to bring up the good and the bad to the floor for anything and everything otherwise its almost totally pointless we might as well link to or instead of.
    Please just love me for who i am 🙂 and dont take it personally coz its never intended to be so.
    If it was it would read more like ‘da f4mz’ style: ie:
    You fuckin know fuck all u gay motherfucker
    GO FuCk YOUR SISTER you F*CKn homo piece of shit
    PS3 is SHHIITTTASSS!! like YUR mothers one I fucked like night!

    lol 🙂 dont worry i didnt mean it… but it was fun to write lol 🙂 hope wordpress dont have filters and ban the FNG blog… Whoopsy 🙂

  7. roscopct Says:

    You guys got WAAAY to much time..

  8. Correction. We get NO sleep LOL 😉 😀 and Nick, yes there’s a reason emoticons were invented so loooong ago!

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