OMG I just won Kill Zone 2!!

I just got an email telling me I won a competition that I entered at the NZGamer website to win a copy of KZ2. YAY! If you guys aren’t checking their site out regularly they run competitions fairly often. This one required me to write a review of any game on their site. It can be found linked to this page which announced the winners just today. It’s the review I wrote for our blog which I just tidied up a bit and submitted.


4 Responses to “OMG I just won Kill Zone 2!!”

  1. roscopct Says:

    WAHOO!! Go you GOOD Thing! I guess that’s Friday sorted then.

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Thats awesome man, good effort, thats a great score!!
    See there is some point in writing reviews for the blog lol now onto the next one for you!!

  3. Wow!! Totally awesome news dude!! Your game collection is growing fast!! Kudos to NZGamer and PlaystationNZ for running the comp as well!

  4. Yeah, the only problem now is that I expect to be paid one new release game for every review I write!! 😀 Luckily they run new competitions all the time. Mostly they are as easy to enter as submitting your email address but some require you to participate on the site in some way. At the moment there’s one for you PC gamers so check it out here for a chance to win a Dawn of War II prize pack and check back regularly as they have new competitions every week or so.

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