Dead Space + God of War = Dante’s Inferno

When I first heard of this I thought “Oh that will just be a cheap and nasty knock off of God of War…meh”
But a couple of things have got me quite interested in it. First off, it’s being made by the same studio that did last years suprise hit Dead Space. That game was supposedly just a rip-off of Resident Evil 4’s gameplay set in space, but apparently they did an amazing job with it and it rated highly, so they’ve got talent. Secondly, God of War II’s lead level designer is now on the Inferno team, which can only be a big plus for the game. So while I’m not expecting anything very original, I’ll still be watching developments with interest. The game is expected to release in 2010. Look’s like God of War 3 might have some competition.

Could this be God of War or what!?!

Could this be God of War or what!?!

Spot the Titan

Spot the Titan


3 Responses to “Dead Space + God of War = Dante’s Inferno”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Shit why not I say, surprised someone hasnt done a ‘complete’ knock-off of it earlier!
    I mean they have tried its style with limited success ie. Viking, & Conan
    Both are games id like to play at some stage… definitely ones to get when the majors are bought, played and completed.
    Bring more on I say. Would like to see a high quality one like god of war… thats not exclusive to Sony lol

  2. roscopct Says:

    Whoa, looks pretty feckin cool! I really like the Minotaur Rider guy!
    Yeah, bring it on!

  3. It certainly is a pretty cloney, Mac-cloney clone-alike 🙂 Hero of Sparta on the iPod Touch is an excellent GoW clone too. Probably even more cloney than Dante’s Inferno (the look and feel being almost identical as you can tell from this in game cinematic). Conan was quite fun but ultimately didn’t have anywhere near the production values.

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