Hell freezes over!! Xbox outsells Wii… IN JAPAN!?

Here’s all the proof you need to show, in pie chart form no less, that Hell just froze over!! 😀 Click the image below to view the full article.

7 Responses to “Hell freezes over!! Xbox outsells Wii… IN JAPAN!?”

  1. Yep. Blair told me the news tonight, told him to put it on the blog to give u a fright! but ya beat him to it…
    Guess it might be due to the release of Star Ocean prehaps? Maybe its what the RPG fanatics were waiting for and couldnt resist turning to the dark side… I dont blame them really.

  2. LOL You beat me to it! I was just going to post something about this. Is this the start of a massive resurgence!? NO! They’ve won a small battle but are still losing the war. Normal transmission will resume next month 🙂 It shows that their plan of releasing exclusive RPG’s sort of works though! I’m not sure how they could do any better in Japan apart from giving their products away.

  3. Well yeah, they lead for one week. That’s the fourth time they have lead the weekly sales charts ever but it shows that the exclusive JRPGs can make a difference. I don’t know what Square Enix are thinking with making their JRPGs exclusive to Xbox when it’s doing so poorly in Japan??! Especially when you consider Enix’s policy with Dragon Quest is to tie it to the platform that has the largest install base?! Which is why this gen it’s on DS (last gen it was on PS2). Why does this policy not translate to their other big JRPG franchises? I think I read somewhere that until FFXIII is released there won’t have been ANY SquareEnix games on PS3?! However a look at this page about SquareEnix releases does indeed show a strong bias to Wii and DS at least at the moment?! All very confusing?? This certainly is a weird generation what with DQIX on a handheld and FFXIII going multi-platform and JRPGs tied exclusively to an AMERICAN console?! Nobody could have predicted this 5 years ago or even 2 or 3?! Madness I say?! 😀

  4. Hence back to our previous console war mega discussion…. why i chose the xbox360 over the PS3. If u told me 5yrs ago id own a 360 and not a ps3 id thought u were bonkers.
    Strange times indeed. 🙂

  5. I agree, this generation has been turned on it’s head! It keeps things interesting and I know it’s still a long way off but my thought’s are already turning to what the major players are cooking up for the next gen. I’ll be most interested to see if Nintendo get back into the hi-tech arms race. They’ve got the money to spend on research and development and just think how much more dominant they would be if they could release the next gen versions of big multi platform franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Fallout and Assassins Creed on their next console! It probably won’t happen because they like to make money on the hardware while keeping prices down, but then again nothing would surprise me! I’m also pretty sure Microsoft and Sony will thinking about putting motion control of some sort in their next controllers (more substantial than sixaxis) as well, so that could be interesting, but we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

  6. I would put money on Nintendo offering bog standard HD graphics next gen which will be cheap as chips by the time the Wii ii comes out and Sony and Microsoft will have stereoscopic 3D support which requires the ability to render 120 frames per second in HD giving you 60 frames per second of 3D images (you essentially render the game twice at two different camera angles). 3D stereoscopic imagery could in fact come to this generation although Sony themselves said not likely at their CES demo of GT5, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Wipeout HD in 3D.

  7. The table’s missing something important. How many iPhones’/iPod Touches did they sell in the same period? 🙂

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