Stardock. Quietly pumping out awesome games!

Stardock are the only company that is keeping me interested in PC gaming at the moment. They’re releasing games in the strategy genre which is probably the one genre left where PC’s still rule over the consoles, apart from MMO.

I’ve been playing a bit of Galactic Civilizations 2: Dark Avatar which is brilliant. Gameplay is similar to Civilization set in space and you can design your own ships with the inbuilt ship designer. It’s like a big 3D lego set and is really easy to use, nerdy but cool!

A user made ship design

A user made ship design

Last year they won IGN’s PC game of the year with Sins of a Solar Empire, beating titles like Fallout 3, GTA IV, and Left 4 dead. I have played the demo, which was great, and I’ll eventually buy it.

Demigod is their next up comming release this year, and they’re also working on Elemental: War of Magic which is enough to give any hardcore strategy/RPG fan a big fat NERDGASM! Plus they are one of the few PC publishers who don’t have an intrusive DRM on their games (you don’t even need to have the cd in the drive to play) and their games usually run just fine on mid/low spec systems. They seem to be one of those companies who know their business, have found their niche, and really look after their fan base.

So well done Stardock! *clap clap clap*


One Response to “Stardock. Quietly pumping out awesome games!”

  1. *clap clap clap* 🙂 That ship designing thing sounds pretty damn cool!

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