PS3 ‘Home’ Glitches… Beta as!

Here’s some cool to-do glitches on Home…
Give um a try… These would look cooler than the ‘Running Man Train + bubble machines’, but no where near as funny lol 🙂
Ham u always wanted to know how to get up on the stair rails? check the 2nd one it shows ya how, and if ya walk around it to the pool/fountain under u and u drop down u go right through it lol…. beta as!! 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One Response to “PS3 ‘Home’ Glitches… Beta as!”

  1. Haha classic! I hadn’t seen the skate one before. As for the stairs I found that one out just by asking someone in Home. They told what I had to do. I also saw a chick floating in mid air and asked her the secret and she told me to do the stair thing and then walk around the rails and then drop off over the water feature. I also found another way to fall off and through the ground into infinity. But overall it’s really solid and stable feeling. If you’ve ever played around in Second Life you’d know how stable Home is by comparison although it’s way less ambitious than Second Life. However there’s plenty of games out there that have gone gold and still you’ve been able to fall through the scenery. Grand Theft Auto is always a good one for that. I’ll definitely have to give skate a go though, before she goes “gold” and they’ve ironed out the most fun things you can do in Home 😀

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