2009 Previews!

I see maaaany great gaaaames in your fuuuuture....

I see maaaany great gaaaames in your fuuuuture....

Here’s a PS3 2009 preview! Lots of good stuff on its way though I still think the one I’m looking forward to the most is Uncharted 2 followed very closely by God of War III with MadWorld following closely behind that.

I couldn’t find an Xbox specific one but maybe there’s another one somewhere else on the interweb. If so paste it in the comments. This general list of the “20 games we’re most excited about” was under the Xbox section of IGN.COM but includes games from all systems. Some good reading there and gives a good overview of what to expect as the year rapidly progresses. I’m very keen to see what they manage to do with Assassins Creed 2 as the first one showed so much promise and delivered on at least some of it. Also check out the Bayonetta trailer! Yowsers?! A guaranteed rental at least!! 😀

EDIT: Blaire found us the Xbox 2009 preview so I thought I would add it in here. Now we have a PS3, XBOX and system neutral look into the future. Pretty much have it covered 🙂

EDIT: For the morbidly curious here’s the wii 2009 preview.


14 Responses to “2009 Previews!”

  1. Looks like it’s going to be another stellar year for gaming! I’m really keen to see what MadWorld turns out like, love the style! God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 are also the games I’d be most interested in for PS3

    Here is the xbox 2009 preview on ign.

    My games for 2009 are Dragon Age:Origins and Red Faction:Guerilla, but my most anticipated game is probably Demigod on PC.

  2. Cheers, I’ve added the Xbox preview link to the post.

  3. Bring on the RPGs lol
    Yeah Dragon Age:Origins looks like the typical BioWare game, havent played anything from them since Baldurs Gate which was epically cooool, and this like its setting up to be a very similar style … SWEET! Hopefully this will go on to sequels as they think it will.

    We’ll add Star Ocean and The Witcher to the mix and it will be a good year, for me anyway :oP
    Gotta hope for these and more till Gears of War 3!

  4. Just in case anyone else is interested I have added the 2009 Wii preview. Lots of hardcore games coming out.

  5. Its still a brick.

  6. Your’s maybe but mine certainly ain’t! 😉 but I have to say it’s a bummer that there’s no sign of the new Zelda, Mario or Metroid games on that list? Even gamecube had two Zelda and two Metroid games in it’s lifespan?

  7. Taste in games purely. Im too old for cartoon styled kidfest games, left that along time ago, guess some of us dont 🙂 no offense intended

  8. I guess I’m of the opinion that stellar gameplay is stellar gameplay, whether it’s wrapped in the cold sci-fi stylings of the Metroid universe or the super fun bright style of Mario Galaxy they’re both amazing games to play and incredible examples of game design and theory put into practice. I also watch Pixar films for the same reason, they’re genius films as well as being “cartoon styled kidfest” films to look at.

  9. some of what is stellar to you could be and sometimes is boring & tedious to me.
    as i said its taste in games and wii games dont do it for me, but of course they do it for plenty of others incl yourself 🙂 no problem w that, I just have a far narrower spectrum in what I like. Just call me picky!
    Even PS3 and 360 have these type of games, but clearly have alot more hardcore titles than the Wii, I could probably count the hardcore wii games on 1 or 2 hands.

  10. You must have big hands 😉 Manhunt 2 (R18), Metroid, Zelda, Call of Duty, 2 x Medal of Honours, RE4, MadWorld, Okami, No More Heroes, Red Steel, Metal Slug, Scarface (R18), The Godfather, Battalion Wars 2, Fire Emblem, Far Cry and others. Not even counting ones that are a wee ways from release like the new Dead Space game, Sci Fi shooter The Conduit, FF Crystal Chronicles, Overlord: Dark Legend and Dragon Quest X. Also the wii has the four possibly most brutal games of this generation with Scarface, Manhunt 2, No More Heroes and the very soon to be released MadWorld. There may not be any point in you buying any of these games on Wii now that you have a 360 but saying the Wii doesn’t have hard core games just means you haven’t looked.

  11. phyzznick Says:

    Where did I say the Wii had no hardcore games? Read the post.. dont skim it lol 🙂
    I said i could count them on one or two hands (I can add a few fingers if you like?). There are a few I know, half of them were out when i got my Wii… which was 2 yrs ago! And i was tempted every week when id look through them all at HMV. But the lists hardly changed, its been VERY slim pickings since then.
    Some of the future pickings do look good ill admit but it’ll be a long wait for the brick or it’ll be heading to a new home where they like more fluffy games.

    By the way i just played F.E.A.R 2 demo on the 360, I LITERALLY had shivers down my spine lol some freaky shit. You think dead space demo was bad, man check this one out. The lighting effects gave me the shits lol

  12. Not you as such but it’s the general consensus. I’ve read sooo many comments over the years saying Nintendo systems don’t have any hardcore games!? You said 5-10 and most people wouldn’t even credit the wii with that many. I came up with almost 20 off the top of my head, there are more I’ve missed/didn’t think of at the time and there are more to come.

    I would love to give F.E.A.R 2 a go. We’ll have to have a games night round your way sometime so we can check out the likes of Lost Odyssey, the demos you’ve downloaded and I’d like to see Fable 2 again. Only barely scratched the surface of it when Blair hired it out?! Also need to sort out my gamertag sometime but that has to be done on Blair’s system unless of course my name is taken which it most likely is but I’d still like to give it a try.

  13. phyzznick Says:

    Its probably because its not high def so doesnt have that hardcore feel to alot of games, but even if you say 30-40 titles thats not really many considering how long its been out. But they have found there niche and should stick to it. Bringing out a few here and there is ok but I want MOOOREE!!! lol 🙂
    Im looking forward to my PS3 with my 1080p TV at the end of the year, question will be will i buy the game for 360 or for ps3? lol maybe whichever is cheapest!

    Yeah next game the crusaders have at home, my folks will probably be out till late, so could come here then. And muck around w the demos, ive got 3-4 i havent even tried, havent downloaded many tho, just thought id try FEAR2 out coz was bored – freaky lighting, enough to give ya a seizure lol also has a cool slowmo ability with the push of a button like Mirrors Edge.
    Now on disc4 of Lost Odyssey after 52hours lol Read some guys on 95hours trying to do the acheivements. Crazy! Not looking forward to it really lol
    Had Fable 2 for 1month and havent even put it in the drive yet, scared ill play it and not play lost odyssey again – just didnt think it would take this long!!
    When I went to Blairs the other weekend to do a new Horde achievement we tried signing u up on LIVE on the gamertag u had on there… but it was taken!
    Just do what I did a few days b4 i even got my xbox and go to xbox.com and make one, then u can just recover it onto an xbox, its easier doing online like the PSN one i did at ur house.

    Join XboxLive Now!
    just go to the right side, put ur email in and away you go, good luck coming up with a gamertag, maybe try the same one as you PSN one g-u-1-d-0 or whatever it is lol 🙂

  14. Cheers for the link and thanks for trying to secure my user name. Shame it was taken. I guess that means I’ll lose my gamerscore?! Still at least I’ll be able to match my PSN account name 🙂

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