Massive Action Game!

Only heard about this recently and if they can pull it off this could be amazing?! How big do you have to be to be considered massively multiplayer? Have there been any other action games with this many players? Are we seeing the birth of the MMO1stPS?! Or did this already happen and I missed it? 256 players online at once in 8 man squads battling it out. Could make for epic several hour long games of capture the flag?! 😀

I think KillZone 2 had a great idea of breaking their 60 players online into teams and each team has different objectives to complete and in the course of that you cross paths with and clash with the other teams. If you don’t do something like that you just get all 60 people converging on one choke point at once. A bit like having 60 people online in Burnout and all of them going to the airport at once. There’s just no way you’d be able to do anything meaningful. Speaking of Burnout, I got an over 400° flat spin in the hover car!! 😀

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