The real reason Blair cant wait for GTA4 DLC!

Rockstar Games, no stranger to controversy as a marketing tool, will likely come under fire for its inclusion of completely uncensored, full frontal male nudity in The Lost and Damned, giving us our very first glimpse of digital dick on the Xbox 360. To say it was a surprise would be an understatement, as the scene in question is expert at providing flirtatious glimpses of one character’s fleshy business, only to give Congressman Thomas Stubbs’ junk plenty of screen time.

There is no lack of homosexual innuendo in the expansion, as the Lost bikers regularly question one another’s sexuality and gush about the love of brotherhood throughout the game, but it certainly was surprising to see Rockstar go there.

Im beginning to wonder about you Blair mate! lol
Just know we all love you just the way you are… even if u do look forward to purchasing the DLC because it contains digitally rendered flaccid penises lol


6 Responses to “The real reason Blair cant wait for GTA4 DLC!”

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I heard of this!? I was like WTF no one wants to see that?!!? What they are doing??! Now the God of War guys, THEY know what their target audience is after!! LOL

  2. Ha… Ha… Ha…. you’re a funny guy! I bet you’re secretly hoping they do the same thing with Final Fantasy XIII aren’t you! I found a good summary of your favourite series …..ROFL

    But yeah, I am looking forward to the Lost and Damned. It looks like it is a pretty substantial DLC with new weapons, vehicles, characters,story… and those bikers are badass!!……I’ll skip the scene with the dudes junk in it though, that’s completely uncalled for! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Don’t worry, that shit won’t get anywhere near getting past the Aussie censors!!? They’re already all over it I’m sure with their flames and pitchforks and for once I’ll actually be with them on this!! As for that FF series!? It’s always been fucken suspect if you ask me!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look at that guy in FF9!! What the fuk?! Just slap some tits on him and make him a girl??! He’s over 90% of the way there already?!? haha so anyway, Blair doesn’t say much on this blog but watch out when he does!! He takes no prisoners!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ you bin pwned!! lol

  4. Lol bring it on…
    Surely he can do better than sic-ing a 12 yr old on me…
    To be honest that was a rubbish site. For godness sake the guy calls himself Johnny Dangerous, now that is gay lol
    For a guy to start a blog with “Look at that guy. He is definitely gay. Really gay. Really Really gay.” means he’s probably still in primary school.
    And for him to say FF X was a really shit game? Well he’s obviously been playing too much Hello Kitty Adventures…

    LOL but this was the best one… Listen to this assessment of one of the characters in FFX, this guy must have phallic imagery on the brain for every game he plays…
    “During the game he is tormented by two other Ronsos (his race) who shamed him because he is too short and broke his horn. Being too short is the game telling us that he is gay. The two others break his horn, which represents his penis because thatโ€™s what jerks sometimes do to gay peopleโ€™s penises. The rod also represents his penis. ”
    LMAO I mean come on? shit that is funny.
    He maybe the prime person that rockstar are promoting to and finally give him the relief he needs -he no longer has to see phallic imagery , he can see it all right there in the cutscene.
    Was a funny page though… gave me a laugh ๐Ÿ˜€
    And yeah i agree sometimes there looks and costume choices are well… unique. Its more the combat style and story that interests me. Maybe playing as badass gay bikers in GTA4 wont be so bad but yeah that cutscene might be a skip.

  5. “Rockstar has confirmed to Eurogamer that the upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV will be priced for the long-rumored cost of 1600. The Lost and Damned is said to add hours of game play as players take on the role of Johnny Klebitz, member of the Liberty City biker gang The Lost.
    The Lost and Damned will become available on February 17, exclusively on the Xbox 360.”

    Bit sneaky though making it above 1500, coz normally can only get 1500 point cards most places, I think theres a 3000 one or 2500 but havent seen them much.
    If u couldnt buy points on w a credit card u’d be screwed. Cost ya basically $60 for 2x 1500 cards lol

  6. It was pretty funny bt he had to be making half that shit up?!? I mean that “GUY” supposedly from FFIX was wearing bikini bottoms??! Not Speedos but a BIKINI?! haha too funny! The rest of the argument wasn’t even needed if that were true! ๐Ÿ˜€ which apparently it IS?! AND he was supposed to be the evil BAD GUY?! A bad guy that apparently needs to book an afternoon off once a month to get his bikini wax?! LOL and to top it all off there’s those wide hips and hourglass shaped torso?! Fot the WUK kind of drugs were they on?! ๐Ÿ˜€

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