Mirror’s Edge Third-Person Hack

Some how people have apparently hacked MirrorsEdge on the PC and can play in 3rd person. Not sure about PS3 & 360 versions… It was only developed as a rig for the shadow of her in 1st person mode hence why the textures and shadows go a bit crazy sometimes. Check out her run and walk style… has a bit of a spaz action goin on 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to “Mirror’s Edge Third-Person Hack”

  1. Haha, classic! I’m glad they didn’t go with that!! It’s interesting how much it does change the feel of the game and how it suddenly seems less innovative. It just becomes yet another action platformer. By the way at the start of that video you can see what looks like the level pack I downloaded called “pure”. It’s just an abstract city scape to play in, no story mode. Just endless platforms to run and jump across. Should check it out this Friday.

  2. Yeah game just looks like every other platformer in 3rd person. Much more powerful in 1st person only.
    Cool look forward to a run around…

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