Sales figure myths busted

In the previous discussion about exclusives and in other conversations and on the interwebs in general I get the impression that people (including me) think the PS3 is tanking sales wise. Being one that loves to play with fire I thought I’d google it and see how things are really weighing up. It seems that things are not what they seem and according to the official sales figures found here the PS3 isn’t doing so bad after all, especially taking into account the year head start the 360 had?! In fact they’re doing quite well and even selling slightly more consoles per quarter on average that the 360 is!? So why does this myth exist? Who’s propagating it and why? These questions I can’t answer but I can put the figures into a lovely graph format so you can see what’s really going on. The truth is out there… you just have to google it πŸ˜‰


Consider this myth busted and just move on ;-)

Consider this myth busted and just move on πŸ˜‰ Interestingly the Gamecube did almost as well as the original XBOX and the PSP has sold 50 million units?!? I'm bustin' myths left, right and centre!! πŸ˜‰

Here’s a lovely graph that Nick linked to in a comment that I thought belonged in the actual post. It shows a fairly tight race for second place with Sony struggling to keep up at the end there which reflects the 360 Christmas price drop.

This graph shows the cumulative hardware sales for each platform from the release date of the PS3 onwards. Click the image to go to the live graph for the latest figures..

This graph shows the cumulative hardware sales for each platform from just before the release date of the PS3 onwards. Click this image to go to the live graph for the latest figures...

It will be interesting to follow it through 2009. If Sony are doing this well with a console at twice the price of the 360 (arcade version) how well could they do with a price drop?! Maybe it’s not worth the losses on each console sold for them to match the price but I think they will do something as they are already doing several different game pack in deals and surely it’s a small step form there to an actual $100 price drop? The current deal is $747 with $120 worth of games packed in (two Platinum titles of your choice). Time will tell.


5 Responses to “Sales figure myths busted”

  1. SHIPPED Q3 2008 (Oct-Dec 2008)

    PlayStation 3: 4.46m
    Wii: 10.42m
    Xbox 360: 6.0m
    PlayStation 2: 2.52m
    NDS: 11.89m
    PSP: 5.08m

    SHIPPED 2008

    PlayStation 3: 10.77m
    Wii: 24.84m
    Xbox 360: 10.8m
    PlayStation 2: 8.88m
    NDS: 31.43m
    PSP: 15.39m


    PlayStation 3: 21.35m
    Wii: 44.97m
    Xbox 360: 28.45m
    PlayStation 2: 138.15m
    NDS: 96.22m
    PSP: 51.26m

    On average the PlayStation 3 has sold 2.37 million units per quarter, in comparison to the Xbox 360’s 2.18 million

    The 360 clearly took a boost in the 3rd quarter due to its price drop….(see above)
    Still without a PS3 price cut, Microsoft’s console will surely pull away in 2009.
    *Re:pricecut – Ill be looking forward to this hehe and how about sony price drop the 50inch 1080p TV i want too, all b4 december!! πŸ˜€

    Above is from GAMEZINE

    This site has a chart from NPD but looks as though it depicts the 360 and PS3 running side by side, but the 360 is pulling away slightly.. could be inaccurate i dunno, but then again so could the other stats from gamezine, easier just to say its even in current sales, but 360 has a 6-7mill lead overall due to 1yr lead.

    Heres another nice stats site…
    It even splits to show sales in regions, and sale of games etc, nice site actually.
    I forgot that portables are killing all!
    Maybe soon the Touch should be put in the list with the portables.

  2. Ooh, VGCharts is a very nice site. There graphs are prettier than mine for sure πŸ˜€ and yeah the portables are doing well but the PS2 is the killer. It’s still selling pretty well too!?

  3. Wish I could embed a graph on a comment!
    Maybe I should do a blair and make a new post with the graph and we can have multiple posts of the same shit lol
    Anyway heres a fantastic graphic comparing sales of ps3 vs 360 vs Wii.
    It relates to all the stats that have been documented above.. but is a much better way to see it..

    PS3 vs 360 vs Wii

    It starts when the PS3 debuted, 360 sales have always been higher than the PS3 since its debut, but in 2008 PS3 was gaining well almost breaking even, Maybe microsoft saw this and this was the reason for the price-drop coming into december, which has given them this added boost.
    Be interesting to keep an eye on this graph through 2009 and see what happens…

  4. That graph is wicked!! You can just make a new post OR you can edit MY post and just add stuff to it. You’re the flippin admin guy, you can do any shit you want LOL The comments are really just for plain text. You can use some tags obviously but nothing that useful outside of basic text formatting and links. Anyway, the link did the trick. This year will be interesting for sure.

  5. Yeah that graph is way better than your average effort lol j/k πŸ˜€

    Thanks for putting it up there πŸ™‚ Good job…

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