Exclusives? What exclusives?

As mentioned before I was going to compile a list of Exclusives for each platform. Luckily someone has done the dirty work for me.

Playstation 3 Exclusives

Xbox 360 Exclusives

but also here is a table of what I would consider to be the top ten exclusives of each platform in no particular order. I’ll let you Xbox guys complete their side of the table. There’s a couple of series on there that aren’t necessarily my fave games but are massive massive franchises that are very important to the system. You know who you are *ahem*singstar*ahem*…

Xbox 360 Exclusives Playstation 3 Exclusives
Fable series God of War series
Gears of War series Resistance series
Halo series Killzone series
Forza Motorsport series Metal Gear Solid series
Project Gotham series Ratchet & Clank series
Crackdown Wipeout series
Lost Odyssey Gran Turismo series
Viva Pinata series Buzz series
Left For Dead Singstar series
Mass Effect series Uncharted series

An honorable mention goes to Little Big Planet which has been getting great reviews but I don’t know how important it’s going to be to the platform going forward, it may be just a one off and has yet to prove itself. Also the ICO / Shadow of the Colussus guys should be on the PS3 list even though they haven’t bought a game out for it yet. Team ICO have two PS3 exclusives in the pipeline and seeing as ICO is one of the greatest videogames of all time (if anyone defies me on that I WILL fight them to the death!!), then that news alone is enough to earn them an honorable mention.

Anyway, I was very surprised to see how many exclusives each platform has, however it’sΒ  the quality of the triple A exclusives that really matters. Somehow I don’t think that having Poncotsu Roman Daikatsugeki Bumpy Trot 2 on the Sony platform is going to significantly alter their fortunes?!? πŸ˜€ Then again I could be horribly wrong?!


16 Responses to “Exclusives? What exclusives?”

  1. All i can say is “Quality not quantity” matters.

    Ok before I start let me just state I consider myself a complete ‘neutral’ between Microsoft and Sony, I love both!! I have owned PCs, Tvs, Consoles, MP3 players and numerous other devices from both. I will own a PS3 and an Xbox360! just for the great benefits of both!

    If the PS3 exclusives really were a draw card – people would be paying the price of the PS3, clearly they are not. When will the PS3 come close to even breaking even with 360 sales? esp in the recession. (dont even bring up the Wii sales, its not gaming!, its kiddy playground play with the titles on that brick)

    Depends again what your into. I wouldnt touch half that rubbish, bar as I said God of War 3 looks killer and prehaps Killzone but i have never played the first one but it looks good, and Uncharted is tempting but not really my cup of tea. But Singstar? Buzz? Ratchet my Bullz and Clank them? Get the F out of here lol

    I am in it for the RPG genre, like alot of others… PS have nothing now to majorly draw me to it now that FF have dropped ship to multi-platform, and thats a MASSIVE blow for Sony whether you want to believe it or not. Even Tekken and Tony Hawk is multi-platformed now, They were the 3 games that made me buy a PS2 and love it! (at that time I would never own an xbox, ps2 had the sizzle games!)
    As ill mention below, these are OLD series, and they no longer interest me, I have moved on from Tony Hawk, and Tekken. Do u really think ppl that loved Ratchet and Clank 5-6 yrs ago will still love it and want to play the shit out of more of the same shit in the PS3 series? NO!
    If Tekken and Tony Hawk were exclusives to the PS3 I wouldnt buy it LOL Ive played the shit out of them, and that goes for alot of PS’s different games/franchises!

    I will admit I wasnt much of a shooter fan…but Gears of War changed all that real quick. That and an RPG exclusive ie Fable series – drew me to the 360 from the PS2, including the likes of my old favs FF and alot more RPG titles coming to the 360 also.

    I will admit the PS3 looks awesome and makes the 360 look like a piece of chinese plastic, but for the price, the better genre exclusives I can see why more ppl are going for the 360 at present.

    And the biggest error of all to that list. (Sonys biggest f*ck-up!) How can you call most of them a series exclusive to PS3?
    Can I play the series on a PS3? Nope!
    Bet ya they wont make that mistake when they bring out the PS4, unless they re-upgrade the PS3 in future models.
    Guess any fanatic of any of those old series wont be trading in there ps2 on a ps3 coz they are still going to be needing it if they want to play any of the older games in the series… then again, most of them as I said are old series and why would u play that graphically crap shit when u have the might of the PS3/360 new gen graphics. Do u still bring out your Sega master system or Gamecube and play ur old favorites? LOL I would laugh at you if you did! Let me guess? u’ve moved on to bigger and better games and platforms?

    I feel PS3 in the end will come up and it will be an even competition in the future for sure.. but to happen and get alot of new people into the market on their side (like the Ps2) they are going to need NEW and FRESH Exclusives, not a continuation of old ones. That will only pull in older gamers that havent left it behind for new priorities ie kids, jetskis, mega bbqs etc lol
    I feel if they can get more fresh and graphically cool game series going they will get to where they want the PS3 to be, the best?! Like Mirrors Edge for example, dont know how this has been perceived by all in the gaming community, but something fresh and new like this is needed as an exclusive to the PS3 and build a series from!

    My two cents…

  2. HAHA struck a nerve or something aye wot πŸ˜‰ first of all that’s MY list of top ten. They are the games that are either most important to ME that are exclusive to PS3 (Uncharted et al) or most important to the CONSOLE in keeping it alive (Singstar etc). Ratchet and Clank, don’t kid yourself, kids eat that stuff up BIG TIME! Not only that but the games (while I don’t play them) rate extremely well! Also singstar is an insanely popular series as is Buzz. There are people that own Singstar/Buzz machines, not playstations, cos that’s all they play on it. So I put them on the list. Microsoft even acknowledges their importance by bringing games such as Lips and Scene It to the fray. Which are complete rip offs of the Sony originals.

    I put “series” in there because it indicates that there’s more than one, or at least soon will be ie they aren’t flash in the pan titles, they’re ongoing IPs with more than one title in the series indicating some sort of success and / or popularity.

    As for fanboy’ism, I’m a Nintendo fanboy through and through. Not a Sony fanboy. Due to Zelda Ocarina of Time I will forever be a Nintendo fanboy and Nintendo’s systems are the only ones I will buy on day one, no questions asked, as long as the next Zelda game is in the pipeline. Therefore the above lists were supposed to be purely academic comparisons. There’s NOT ONE title on either Sony or Microsoft’s systems that I can’t live without in the same way that I couldn’t live without the next Zelda title. However, there’s plenty of great games, I would be equally happy with either ones offerings, easily finding more than enough to keep me happy for many years of solid gaming.

    Saying all that, how can you think that there aren’t new franchises on that list that are important. The big traditional franchises have gotten too big to be carried on a single system. You can’t contain GTA or FF on a single system anymore, they are games that are bigger than the system they are on now. They are in the general cultural consciousness and as such they need to be on every platform capable of running them. But there’s relatively new IPs like Killzone and Resistance and Uncharted and God of War and possibly Little Big Planet that are all amazing games (taste aside they are all up there as examples of the best their respective genres can offer) and are all going to be potential system sellers (I have heard all of those titles mentioned recently as system sellers by different people and yes, that includes Little Big Planet). I wasn’t even bringing up the “who’s selling more consoles” argument – there’s no point because Nintendo completely pwns this generation sales wise, calling them names can’t change that fact πŸ˜‰

    Speaking of Nintendo, they show that losing FF as an exclusive isn’t that big a deal. It happened to them back in the day when Sony nabbed it off them and it hasn’t hurt their bottom line. As you can see here, the top 20 selling console titles of all time is a who’s who list of Nintendo franchises. Losing FF isn’t the end of the world because a console is (has to be to survive) bigger than a SINGLE franchise, but I do believe you need a good diverse mix of exclusives to give the marketing department something to put in their ads πŸ˜‰ So put your money where you mouth is and complete the list! πŸ˜€ I just want to see, purely academically, what the respective most important exclusives are of each system.

  3. As u were talking about u, I was talking about myself also, I made that very clear. I stated why I went from a PS2 to a 360 at present! Why didnt I buy a PS3? Well read above, that was my gripe with the present PS3. I am a Sony Fanboy thru and thru waaaay ahead of being a Microsoft or 360 fanboy, It would be like Nintendo no longer bringing out Zelda or any exclusive u love and bringing no titles in that genre u love, for me thats RPG. Thats what i feel like. Nothing draws me to a PS3 yet… apart from it looks pretty. I just feel it needs that extra year to catch up to the 360. To me its a bit ahead of its time, either uve got the cash, ur a fanboy, or a HD guru…Its like buying a new LCD/Plasma 50″ when they first came out.
    As well as the numbers of those exclusives that are selling the PS3 as i mention below, Id love to see the Sale of the PS2s vs PS3s in the past 12/24months, I dunno but i think the ratio would be a hell of a lot closer than the xbox vs 360.

    Well its a conflicting argument till I see numbers, then Ill admit those older franchise exclusives are actually console sellers of the PS3. My argument is what is selling the PS3? Why are ppl buying it?
    As I said Id call 1/2 of them Sony exclusives, that have continued to the PS3, but are they system sellers like they were for the PS2? are people taking the jump and paying the PS3 price to continue them… ie R&C, Buzz, Lips, or are they just keeping there PS2? and maybe buying a wee. What r there sales like compared to Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone for the PS3? Prehaps its a mix of both and they are on the right track i dunno.
    Im just saying they lost me, the fanboy… and im sure Im not the only one thats changed to the 360 or Wii for those reasons.

    Ill fill out the exclusives later on…

    But as i said i got the 360 because of the 2 main ones as in ur list (GoW & Fable), and because they had alot of exclusive RPGS (but not a series?? yet?? and ur list is only SeRiEs?) as well as cross platform RPGs…

  4. Doesn’t have to be series but if you were adding a single game to the list it would have to have made a big splash and show proven importance just from one release?! That’s difficult but not impossible to do. I would have put Fable on the Xbox in that category back in the day. It’s just easier to judge importance based on repeated, proven successes. That’s why Little Big Planet only got an honorable mention. It may prove to be massively important but I just don’t feel that that is the case yet. Also I understand where you are coming from RE: PS3 appearing to lose the plot when it comes to RPGs because the PS2 had so many but I think RPGs take the longest of all games to develope. I found a list of about 30 upcoming PS3 RPGs, a lot of which were exclusives. The list was a little out of date (it listed FFXIII as exclusive and didn’t mention Witcher for example) but it shows that they are coming. You are right that they are just a year behind, because they released a year later but that doesn’t mean the games aren’t coming, just that they’re coming a year later.

    Anyway, sure got some good discussion going πŸ˜‰ and as I said I made the list because I was thinking that PS3 didn’t have ANY big exclusives left other than Metal Gear, Gran Turismo and God of War and I would have said that 360 had way more. That was just my feeling/impression. In reality that’s not the case and they actually have quite a few, many more than I thought.

    The list is not meant to be anything to do with sales but if you google around you’ll find that PS3s are selling about as well as Xbox 360s (at least during 2008 they sold as many units worldwide, about 10 million each) and are actually selling slightly more units per quarter on average.

  5. […] figure myths busted 15 02 2009 In the previous discussion about exclusives and in other conversations and on the interwebs in general I get the impression that people […]

  6. Well ill get it back on track to what the post is and just say:
    With how long it takes to build a game the Xbox consoles arent really going to have many “Series” going for it because it is still fairly new to the gaming console market. Nintendo started in the late 80’s, Sonys playstation started in 1994/1995 and the xbox in 2002, and the xbox came at a disadvantage because it was always way in the shadows of the PS2.
    So xbox are bound to have more big one hitters, I mean Fable was a big hitter for the xbox, but u couldnt call it a series till just lately when its sequel came out…
    So I guess I just feel its abit of an unfair comparision if thats what you are trying to do? coz i feel thats what the chart will show…
    To be honest I could have named 3/4 or more of those exclusives for the sony being a fanboy, but when it comes to the 360 i couldnt name any except the 2 reasons i bought one… fable and gears of war. I mean i know PGR is one but ive never played it, coz i have only played GranTurismo all my life.

    I feel maybe thats why the 360 was brought out in front of the PS3, because maybe they are trying to do to it what happened with the xbox coming 2yrs behind the ps2 and suffering in its shadow somewhat.
    The 360 is basically experiencing where the PS2 was at, obviously to a lesser degree because of the playstations history and popularity.
    I think if the PS3 was a cheaper console and came out before the 360 that the 360 would hardly exist, maybe because they came out that year ahead and the PS3s price is the only reason the xbox has survived?
    PS3 is ahead of its time, but it will take out the 360 and even the Wii in the long run I feel… once HD and media changes come into play abit more into the future..near or far. As with the PS2 it will definitely have a longer life span… and will hence perhaps conquer all.

  7. Hmm, the feeling I have been getting for ages now, from the interwebs at least, was that PS3 was dead in the water. That it had NO exclusives left, that XBOX had heaps of them and that nobody was buying the PS3. At the moment most everybody would agree that 360 has the best overall catalog, best online infrastructure and best price point but I think that a lot of it’s successes are myth or misinformation.

    I’m sure there will be a PS3 price cut and this year may prove to be their killer year for game releases but that’s all crystal ball stuff and may never come to pass. But right here, right now, it’s doing better than most people think, it has games and sales and if you add up all the value in its pretty full feature set it’s not too horrendously expensive. People forget that the PS2 was around the thousand dollar mark when it came out. The Xbox and the Gamecube were both much cheaper than that at their launches.

    Anyway, to get back on track again πŸ˜‰ you only need two games to make a series. Halo, Fable, Ninja Gaiden, Blue Dragon, Gears of War and Project Gotham Racing all count. As do others such as Mass Effect and maybe Lost Odyssey which have created a bit of a splash. I mean come on, Lost Odyssey was produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy?! Anyway, to wrap up this long but interesting discussion, here’s what I think should be on the 360 list.
    Halo series
    Fable series
    Gears of War series
    Left for Dead
    Project Gotham Racing series
    Blue Dragon series
    Mass Effect
    Ninja Gaiden series
    Forza Motorsport series
    Viva PiΓ±ata series

    There, that wasn’t so hard πŸ˜‰ It’s a bit of a sad day when the lone PS3 guy has to help out the Xbox team πŸ˜‰

  8. I thought I’d wade on into the fanboy war with some observations πŸ™‚

    As you’ve touched on in your comments, exclusives in most genres match up pretty evenly, except RPG’s which are dominated by the 360.

    360 exclusive RPG’s:

    Fable 2
    Mass Effect
    Lost Odyssey
    Blue Dragon
    Tales of Vesperia
    Infinite Undiscovery
    Star Ocean
    Phantasy Star Universe
    Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements
    Two Worlds
    The Last Remnant (timed exclusive)
    Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage (exclusive downloadable content)

    PS3 exclusive RPG’s:

    Valkyria Chronicles
    Disgaea 3
    Dark Kingdom
    White Knight Chronicles (release date 2009?)

    Although they are both fantastic, Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3 are strategy RPG’s and Dark Kingdom is an average hack and slash game. White Knight Chronicles could be the break through hit but it does not have a confirmed western release date.

    So Microsoft has aggressively targeted the RPG as way to get a foothold in the Japanese market where they have always struggled. The RPG genre is also important for the battle for the hardcore gamer in the west. Last generation Sony dominated this genre. Now Microsoft is taking them head-on. I’m surprised Sony hasn’t responded faster. No doubt they’ve got more exclusives in the pipeline but maybe it will be too little too late? The PS3 is still well served with non exclusive RPG’s with Oblivion and Fallout 3 but the perception is well entrenched that the 360 is the console for RPG’s this generation.

  9. hehe welcome to the fray πŸ™‚ Here’s what looks to be a fairly exhaustive list of console RPGs and a cool looking site to boot.

    Below is the list I refereed to earlier that is a little out of date but I have tried to update it accordingly. It shows ALL RPGs and indicates whether they are exclusive or not accordingly. I have put scores next to the PS3 exclusives that have been released and reviewed so you can easily see that it really is a mixed bag.

    Currently released RPGs for the PLAYSTATION 3, or games listed as an RPG.

    – Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    – Enchanted Arms
    – Folklore (Exclusive) 9.0
    – Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    – Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Exclusive) 6.5
    – Valkyria Chronicles (Exclusive) 9.0
    – Disgaea 3 (Exclusive) 6.7
    – Eternal Sonata
    – Fallout 3
    – Rise of the Argonauts

    Line-up of RPGs coming “sometime” in the future.

    – Alpha Protocol (Q1 2009)
    – Amphibian Man (Exclusive) (TBA)
    – Borderlands (2009)
    – Cross Edge (Exclusive) (2009)
    – Elveon (2009)
    – Final Fantasy XIII (2009)
    – Final Fantasy Versus XIII (2009)
    – Free Realms (Exclusive) (Q2 2009)
    – Gothic IV (2009)
    – Last Remnant (2009)
    – Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (Q2 2009)
    – Shin Megami Tensei PS3 (Exclusive) (2009)
    – Star Ocean 4 (Rumored) (2009)
    – Steambot Chronicles 2 (Exclusive) (TBA)
    – Sunrise Eiyuutan PS3 (Exclusive) (TBA)
    – Two Worlds (2009)
    – White Knight Chronicles (Exclusive) (2009)

    Then there are all the projects yet untitled:

    – Cavia PS3 Action-RPG (Exclusive)
    – Gust PS3 RPG Project (Exclusive)
    – Hudson Soft PS3 RPG Project (Exclusive)
    – Konami PS3 RPG (Exclusive)
    – Namco PS3 RPG Project (Exclusive)
    – Success PS3 RPG (Exclusive)
    – Tri-Crescendo PS3 Project (Exclusive)
    – Alien RPG project

    I’ve tried to update that list as best as I can but it’s probably not perfect. The list also seem to contradict Blair’s one a bit ie Two worlds is an exclusive on Blairs list but is listed (and confirmed by IGN) as a PS3 release on the above. I’m no expert on RPGs having never finished one in my life (I do like action RPGs like Zelda and Okami but they are pretty light on the RPG elements and are more action adventure with fantasy themes but that doesn’t roll off the tongue so well) but to me the Xbox list does look better with more well known titles like Phantasy Star and Star Ocean being joined by Final Fantasy, Mass Effect and FAble but the PS3 looks like it’s going to be fairly well represented by the end of 2009 with enough games like Oblivion, Fallout, Folklore and Valkyria Chronicles to give you a few hundred hours of gameplay while you wait. Still, Sony definitely don’t have an iron grip on the RPG scene they once had but then it’s a constantly shifting field of allegiances, Nintendo were once the guys with ALL the major RPG exclusives like Dragons Quest, Final Fantasy etc. It’s seems the best strategy maybe to do what Nick’s probably gonna end up doing and just screw it and buy EVERY platform!! πŸ˜€

  10. Bloody Oath Ill have them all!! They are like pokemon! I gotta catch um all!

    And welcome Mr Real Mender! nice input.. I like ur style πŸ˜€

    Ok ill be blunt..thats MY style lol
    People can genre-mix all they like but I truely know what an RPG is, I mean ive been playing them all my life since my 386 PC (graphical) days or even my Commodore64 in fact (text based), and into future explorations such as MMORPGs ie World of Warcraft, In fact RPGs have nearly controlled half my life lol :).
    Yes times have changed from the simple RPG AD&D form to a number of different styles. Now days it comes down to preference of what keeps u glued to the screen and continue with the story more and more…like a book.
    Zelda never really did it for me but I enjoyed the Final Fantasy style, where for Ham the Zelda style was what intrigued him when he would geek out playing till 4am πŸ™‚ (and still does i might add)

    You can add in action, adventure, fantasy or whatever u want in front of it it doesnt matter because as a collective thats what RPG is!! (when u are playing an indiviual or group on multiple mission/quests to flow thru a story and ultimate objective (which u wont know till the story evolves).
    Action or Strat will typically precursor the RPG mainly for descriptive style of gameplay, I prefer Action over Strat anytime, but thats me.
    AD&D will always be in the mix and so it should be to be truly RPG, whether in a medieval fashion or fantasy/futuristic, that includes Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Zelda, Phantasy Star, All Elder Scrolls ie Morrowind/Oblivion, Fallout etc!

    I mean I joined the Xbox360 crowd due to the abundance of SquareEnix or medieval style RPGs, whether developed by them or others. PS3 was very slim pickings and still are (the good ones were available on 360 also).
    I mean they are resorting to bringing across originally 360 exclusives… but they can have those ones lol Two Worlds and Last Remnant – straggling on IGN in the 5 and 6’s (out of 10).
    To resolve the above comments on this game “Two Worlds is a computer role-playing game developed by Reality Pump and published by SouthPeak Interactive for the Xbox 360 and PC. A Playstation 3 version was slated for release in 2008, but was pushed back to 2009”

    I truly hope there are some good ones coming in that line-up, I dont want to have a shiny black brick this time next year. Bring on the GOOD Ps3 exclusives!
    Ill read up on the ones u put up there thanks ham, hope theres some cools ones, but i dont think ‘Amphibian Man’ will make it on my ps3 must-have RPG list LOL πŸ˜€ what a title! i know i shouldnt judge a book by its cover.. but hey… thats IS a rubbish title!!

  11. Just adding on to Real Menders comment…

    *So Microsoft has aggressively targeted the RPG as way to get a foothold in the Japanese market where they have always struggled.*

    Well thats what we call a….

    Wii – 7.82M
    PS3 – 2.86M
    360 – 0.93M

    *clears throat* Again… FAIL!

    This is just talking consoles.. But portables are smashing all! Combining all the above equals the PSP sales in Japan 11mill, double that & more for the DS 25mill!! Crazy!
    Ecerything is going portable!

    But back on track..
    RPG are done best typically by the Japanese game developers and have done for a long time…
    Previously it may have worked… but now? I think they ie Nintendo.. finally found what the Japanese people and even others (families) really want… and I mean its not hard to see really!
    I mean we all know what Japanese people are like … u know the whole karaoke thing, and dance jumping game at the arcades, and peace signs during photo taking + there strange obsession with anything Hello Kitty (WTF is up w that?) – so the Wii wins, only way 360 and PS are in maybe due to singstar and dance dance revolution lol

    America is the major difference in the console gaming market….
    More 360s are sold in the states than the rest of the world combined!! 16.3 mil to 12 mill.
    Thats the only reason 360 is still ahead of the PS3.
    360 and PS3 is the same basically combining Japan & Rest of the World.
    USA PS3= 7.8mill to 360=16.3mill…
    That IS the 8mill lead 360 has on the market right there!! .. 28.3 to 20.3.
    Wii still wins tho with 21mill alone in the States (maybe theres alot of Japanese there too that want to play Hello Kitty Adventures? so they are stacking the numbers!) lol
    Excluding the family american market..
    Whats making the 8mill difference? Maybe nothing to do with games at all…. just favoritism? american product vs japanese product

  12. Haha πŸ˜€ I love this blog!!! great comments and good to see Blair pitching in!! I often wonder if there will come a day when there aren’t hardware platforms but just games?!? If EA had their way that would be the future!! Only time will tell. Great post and great comments!!

  13. PS I knew you would laugh at Amphibian man!!!!! πŸ˜€ BTW I just bought GTA IV!! A one time Sony exclusive πŸ˜‰

  14. You forgot the Project Gotham series on the left. It was pretty big on the 360 in the early days.

  15. Yeah, add to that that there has been at least one Gaiden game on the PS3 and PGR should take it’s place. I didn’t know that the Gaiden series had set foot on PS3 shores?!

  16. OK I changed Ninja Gaiden for Project Gotham Racing. I also remember the Motorstorm series on PS3. It had great graphics and crash physics, it didn’t quite live up to the awesome pre-rendered trailer but it looked really good.

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