Need a good read?

Heres a few links to a few quick reads, some quite interesting actually, things i did not know!
Most of it pretty obvious stuff and shit you’d just expect. A bit MS bias in a way, dont even know how i got to look at them, think they were ‘related links’ from one of the posts here or the guido one.

Microsoft: No Xbox 360 Successor Anytime Soon
Microsoft: Blu-ray Never Coming To Xbox 360
More Humiliation For Sony: PS3 R&D Funds Helped Build The Xbox
Microsoft Brags Xbox Beat The PS3 3-to-1 In Black Friday Sales, Pretends The Wii Doesn’t Exist

Thanks for the links… Here’s another. This one doesn’t mention anything Xbox related 😉

Some of the features coming to Home soon…


2 Responses to “Need a good read?”

  1. phyzznick Says:

    Sorry if those links seemed a bit xboxfanboy’ish, honestly didnt mean it, im just as interested at the ps3 stuff lol 🙂
    Had a good look today at TVs in harvey norman and powerstore, will see what the price is like on the 50inch 1080p’s at xmas/NY time… and will get a ps3 then 🙂
    Home updates look interesting but about what i would expect nothing surprising there. Hopefully when i get ma ps3 in a years time it wont be beta anymore, fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Hey, that’s what I’m here for, to keep the balance HAHA to keep it real!! 😀 I’m guessing Home will come out of Beta in the first half of the year. What they have now is pretty solid, just need a more complete feature set. It’s all very stable, just missing the features mentioned in the link above. By the way, did I mention they didn’t take voice chat out after all, they just restricted it to your private space so you can’t run through the square griefing everyone haha that’s no fun!!

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