The Witcher? Its in the picture!

Well I have to say I do love a good RPG, after all it is my favorite genre!
Well upon looking at a list of the up-and-coming on the 360 I found 2 games, one called “Risen” but theres not alot about this yet except basic plot and a few screenshots which do look a bit myst-like but impressive.
But the other game in the list due to come out Q4 2009 is a game called “The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf”. This game is apparently a remake for the new generation consoles 360 and PS3 that is based directly from the PC multi award-winning million-selling 2007 RPG of the year game ‘The Witcher’…. Well holy shitface mother duck WTF? was I living in a cave? coz ive never heard of this game? maybe because i had my head buried up WoW’s ass lol who knows!
Not many screenies out yet , about 5 at teamxbox and 9 at IGN but 3-4 there are just artworks, but theres a movie that im yet to watch, Will do when Im done here and comment on it later.
Anyway Im always glad to see decent looking RPGs coming out for the consoles, its what will keep me going in between some of the exclusives ie Gears of War 3! “Yeah! Wooo! Bring it on, sucka! This is my kinda shit!” ~Cole
The Witcher looks interesting, like a Fable 2 in a way with harder graphics, well less cartoony anyway. And the story must be good! Hey it won awards! :oS
Heres some screens! Time for me to watch the vid!


8 Responses to “The Witcher? Its in the picture!”

  1. Hey?? Never heard of it either?? Looks very nice. I guess if you want to see more screens just go look at the PC version. BTW you can set your gallery to go straight to the image when you click the thumbnail. Takes one step less to see the picture at its full size. One to keep an eye on for sure. Once Oblivion and Fallout 3, GTA IV and Fable are all done and dusted!! 😀

  2. phyzznick Says:

    With the wave of my hand It has been done, oh master!
    Im still learning this wordpress stuff & what i can and cant do.

    Playing Lost Odyssey at the mo which is awesome, 4 disks! Basically exactly like Final Fantasy X if uve ever played that? Ross would have, so he’ll know, it was my fav ps2 game by a mile.
    And guess whats in the post to me as we speak? GTA4 and Fable 2, sweeet!
    Its going to be a nerd fest for me! U may not see me for maybe 3-4 months or even longer.

  3. Here’s a video review of the original PC version most of which should apply to the console version too…

  4. And here’s the teaser trailer for the console version…

  5. and here’s the trailer for the PC version. I haven’t watched any of these. Might download them all so we can watch them on the big screen.

  6. I watched the console teaser trailer a while back when i made the post, doesnt show much, except him doing some cool sword moves, but its obviously all cutscene like and not gameplay-like, which is more what I want to see, will look at the PC ones now…
    Still even at this rate it will be on my list of must-buys when it comes out, wonder if they are converting evenly for the consoles or whether it will be better on one than the other?

  7. haha, it’s always the console wars with you 😉 seriously though, I would put money on the Xbox one being the lead platform as it’s an easy conversion with the Xbox basically just being a PC anyway 😉

  8. true true, wont matter anyway coz by the time it comes out ill probably have a PS3 soon after haha, unless I change me mind.
    If/When I get the Ps3, Then the console war will really start! 🙂

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