Killzone 2

OK, since I’m the PS3 guy and as this is one of the most anticipated PS3 games of like, all time, I thought I had better post something about it 🙂

Here’s a very good, very long and very thorough review of KillZone 2 by the excellent NZGAMERS website (by the way NZGamers have a podcast which I’m going to check out). They gave the game very high praise indeed and as you can see on MetaCritic, they are not alone. There are a few minor complaints. No co-op through the main story line although this may come in an update. I don’t see much innovation either, pretty standard shooter fare. However, overall it sounds very impressive and I will be hiring it out on day one (or thereabouts) with a view to purchasing it if it’s as engaging as it looks and it sure looks amazing! Also it’ll be interesting to see how the duck and cover mechanic works in a First Person Shooter.

Here’s IGNs video review…


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