Gamersite is up and running but…

of course you know what im going to say..

Its in   “BETA”!!


Well this HOME page w posts will just be for chat about preferably ps3/360 games , about trailers, reviews on up and comers, links, and just general chit chat. Like hams trailer post below.

4 other pages are set up w:

Gamercards of us all

Playfire sites, only myself and ham have signed up, u others can if u like, dont have too, and add link to the page

Other 2 pages are for reviews of games we have! or have fully played. Review them if u like and add screenshots or pics or wot ever. there will be no comments on these pages, we will keep them clean w just our reviews. More than one person can review a game, maybe just have the game title, game pic then user name then review, then other persons username and review straight underneath, u get my drift anyway.

Should make for a nice addition…


2 Responses to “Gamersite is up and running but…”

  1. Sweet! I like your work!! Can we have a recent comments thing in the side bar? It means you don’t have to sift through posts looking for new comments and you don’t need to get your mailbox spammed every time someone comments on your post.

    Someone needs to photoshop us up a new banner pick for the top of the page. I like the theme overall but the pantone swatches aren’t very game related 😀

    Playfire is a nice site but I basically signed up for the slightly better PSN gamercard. Might not use it much for anything else??

  2. phyzznick Says:

    Kk will try n add the comments to the sidebar.

    Yeah was going to get around to photoshop’n a new banner. Have a few ideas how ill do it but dont know what we should call it? Any ideas?

    Yeah i like the playfire thing, its basic and doesnt need any upkeep really once u have it set-up (which doesnt take long). I feel its just a nice kind of ‘bio’ page for each one of us, u can see wot games i have and am playing, wot ive rated them, wot my setup is etc and as well as having a better PSN card for u its got an awesome xboxlive bio on the page for me w my avatar, games i played and even how many achieves for each game and % complete.

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