Are you getting back at me?

Are you getting back at me for making you join Facebook?
lol coz its a good one! 😛
Do u seriously think ill ?!BLOG?! lol i got no idea wtf is going on with this, may need a blognerd tutorial from one of u blognerds.

Well i havent done badly for a first one. Made a page with my PS3 and Xbox360 GamerTags.
PS3 one was easy, just cut’n’pasted html from guidos one and changed the name lol sorry mate, i feel so dirty and cheap 😛  
The 360 one tho was a bit of a prick,  coz the xbox.xom one doesnt work. Realised that these blog sites dont allow javascript and i guess that is what <iframe></iframe> is, which the xbox one was. If i put it in the HTML for these blogs it just self deletes that part of it if i switch to Visual or Preview.

BUT links and img html works obviously…

Which leads me onto how i did it! I found a site called which allows u to create a number of styles of banner and generate html code to put on forums or blogs etc!! Maybe there is a PSN equivalent? then again probably dont need it coz its already in Link/Img format, however beta-ish it is lol 😮

Oh yeah, do ya see it? do ya see it?!  ——————————————————–>          
See im even clever enough to get my gametag on the sidebar right over there —–> 🙂

2 Responses to “Are you getting back at me?”

  1. Yo!! Wicked first attempt!! Sweet as!! The Playfire site has there own PS3 gamercards but there’s only so much they can do without any actual data to display?? What they let you do is input all your trophies yourself but fuk that shit?!? lol I will just patiently wait for Sony to sort their shit out!! Of course with their eleventy-billion dollar loss last year it may not be high on their priority list!!? 😀

    BTW, you need to add me as an editor so I can post shit here as I feel fit!! 😉

  2. sweet bro!! looking good! need to add a Playfire link in here somewhere too?? I added in Ross’ and my PSN IDs for what they are worth. I didn’t add Blairs cos he hasn’t put his on yet so he might as well just add it straight in here along with his XBOX one…

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